Management Team

Team Member Amir Dossal

President and CEO, Global Partnerships Forum

Amir Dossal is President and CEO of the Global Partnerships Forum, a not-for-profit working to address economic and social challenges through partnerships, which he established in 2010. The GPF serves as a knowledge platform, providing changemakers with the tools to build innovative partnerships.

Team Member Laura Cienkowski

Programme Officer

Laura Cienkowski is a Programme Officer at the Global Partnerships Forum. She is well-versed in managing complex diplomatic events and has an in-depth understanding of the United Nations. She is an accomplished administrative professional, having worked in a range of roles in both the private and non-profit sectors.

Team Member Atanur Demirci

Technical Advisor

Atanur Demirci is Technical Advisor at the Global Partnerships Forum. This website, as well as countless others such as the website of Pearl Initiative, has been designed and programmed by his hands.

Team Member Brandon Martinez

Technical Advisor

Brandon Martinez is a Technical Advisor at the Global Partnerships Forum. He is currently a senior at Columbia University, studying Computer Science, with a focus in sociology. Brandon is a professional individual with an eye for taking on challenges through design and leadership.

Team Member Audrey Nadler

Research Assistant

Audrey Nadler is a Research Assistant at the Global Partnerships Forum. She is also a full time student at Hamilton College, studying World Politics and Hispanic Studies.

Team Member Amrita Rathi

Program Officer

Amrita is a Program Officer at the Global Partnerships Forum, since September 2015. She holds a Master’s in Psychology in Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from top universities in India

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